The concrete canoe competition is a wonderful project for all students in engineering. This project includes all aspects of a real engineering project. The students have to work as a team, manage a budget (usually around 30k $), deal with a tight schedule, undertake design activities, analyze test results, find solutions for a given problem at the moment it appears with the tools or means they have in hand at that moment and much more. For these future engineers it is often their first contact with a complete engineering project and this will help them become more critic of results or interpretations of test results and it will help them in developing their project management skills.

The Concrete Canoe Magazine (CCM) has for main objective to allow students involved in the concrete canoe project to have a magazine dedicated to their beloved project in which they can find relevant information on new techniques and breakthroughs made by different teams or individuals. The magazine also offers a great opportunity for students who would like to get in touch with the process of writing a scientific paper and publish it in a specialized magazine. In this way, we truly believe that CCM is an important asset in the world of Concrete Canoeing!



The Concrete Canoe Magazine’s mission is to disseminate knowledge and recent development from concrete canoe teams and get students from different schools in touch through this amazing engineering challenge. It is also intended to share experiences from concrete canoe enthusiasts and former participants.


Topics cover all areas of concrete canoe technology such as shape design, structural analysis, concrete and composite design and optimization, canoe construction, oral presentation and design paper tips, training, etc. The publications committee and an ad-hoc technical advisory group will review and approve all material before publication.


The Concrete Canoe Magazine is published once a year to share developments on concrete canoe technology. The CCM is ditributed in more than 4500 copies at regional and international competitions.


The three editors of the magazine are former team members of Laval University's Concrete Canoe Team. François Paradis was a team member from 1999 to 2005, Maxim Morency was a team member from 1998 to 2005 and Dennis Burns was a team member from 2002 to 2005. They set up a Magazine dedicated to Concrete Canoe Project because they truly believe that the concrete canoe world deserves such a Magazine and that this will help enrich students. Also, publishing a scientific paper in a magazine is a good experience for any student and even more so for students interested in graduate studies.


The Concrete Canoe Magazine is handled and operated by the Concrete Canoe Magazine Organization which is a non-profit organization whose legal entity is based on Laval University’s jurisdiction.